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Hi – Hola – Hallo, I’m Rodrigo. Dance Coach, Official Dance Instructor and the mind behind this web and “Rigobackstage” YouTube channel! 

My mission is to help you overcome your emotional and psychological difficulties and reach your best version of dance, the state of Flow…



Personalized Coaching

Elevate your dance journey with our personalized coaching sessions, crafted to perfection by someone who knows the artistry of high-level performers inside out. As an accomplished interviewer of top-tier artists, I bring a unique perspective
to help you transform into a true salsa and bachata artist.

Ready to Transform Your Dance?


Self-confidence for dancers

Unleash your inner confidence and shine on the dance floor with our specialized self-confidence course designed specifically for salsa and bachata enthusiasts!

Ready to step into the spotlight with unwavering confidence? Join our self-confidence course and embark on a transformative dance experience



Are you ready to be a part of something truly special? Embrace the camaraderie, the shared laughter, and the exhilaration of dance that our community offers. Take the leap and immerse yourself in a world of rhythm, joy, and connection

Don’t dance alone—join us and let your dance story unfold within our vibrant salsa and bachata dance community!

Diario de mario luna


I guide you through the entire mental process you need to become your best version, without fear or complexes. With the strength of humility and effort

kaizen method: 

Your Path to Becoming your best version

But to succeed requires mental and physical discipline. Do you want to know how the best do it? How are their workouts or what do they do during their free time?


Welcome to a world where the dance floor transforms into a stage of stories and inspiration. I’m Rodrigo, and through my engaging artist interviews, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the hearts and minds of dance luminaries, uncovering
the magic that fuels their artistry.

Kike & Nahir

raquel (pablo y raquel)


melvin & gatica

Client Testimonials


Rodrigo is the best dance teacher you could wish for. He poses challenges when dancing and it´s fun to train with him. I feel very comfortable and see the progress in dancing, which motivates me even more. Thank you Rigo!

John Doe

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John Doe

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Rodrigo Dominguez

Architect Qualified by University of Toledo in 2016

Dance Instructor Qualified by BDT.e.v in Frankfurt in 2018

Youtuber @Rigobackstage since Marz 2023


+10 Years

Spain and Germany since i was 20 years old


5 Years

Qualified by BDT.e.v in Frankfurt Since 2018


1 Year

With Top Salsa – Bachata Artist


1 Year

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Ready to dance with grace and confidence? Our tailored coaching brings out your best version of yourself, while our self-confidence program helps you shine on stage. Reach out now to unlock your dance potential and own every performance


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Main Photo: David von Diemar en Unsplash