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Salsa Bachata Dance

Learn Cuban Salsa: Vacila!

Vacila or vacilala is an important Cuban salsa move that serves as the foundation for many Kasino intermediate patterns. The leader redirects the follower and initiates a moving outside turn. The lady then completes one and a half turns and gets “picked up” by her partner.

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Cuban Salsa Instructors: Nicholas Van Eyck and Serena Wong

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6 Antworten

  1. Lluvia_Mmf sagt:

    After the Dile que no (cross body lead), how do i lead the girl not to step backwards?
    I dance salsa en línea (on the slot), and the girls always begin on the 1 stepping backwards

  2. ffi1001 sagt:

    What is the name of this in la style?

  3. Jose Roncero sagt:

    The first step to being a competent cultural ambassador and dance instructor is to call things for their proper name. Vacílala is a CASINO figure. The term "salsa" does not describe Cuban social dancing.

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